Parade Results 2016

Best In Individual Category

First Place - Howard Middleton
         Colette Bernier

Second Place - 1950's Drive In
        Andrew Skillings

Third Place - Home On The Range
         Malia and Nathan Lewis


Best In Group Category
First Place - Goodbye 60's  Hello 70's!
         Jessica Rosien, Mary Feyrer, Jack Drinan, Dee-Dee Hogan, Heather Drinan
         Melissa Drinan, Marc Hoffman, Matthew Grieres, Ryan Lessard. Janice Drinan
         Aidan Connelly, Maeve McQuueeney, Finn McQueeney, Jack Carrignan
         Luke Carrignan, Tom Carrignan and Bingley Drinan

Second Place - Higgins Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
        Katie Roy, Emma Roy, Laura Baer, Abigal Roy, Larry Langmore, Braedon McManus
        Amanda Benner, Adeline Benner, Amy McManus, Chrissy Roy, Elise Baer

Third Place - Higgins Beach  Can You Dig It?
         Tom, Mia and Griffin Houman
          Mia, Mario, and Danielle Checchi
         Nicole, Steve, Brayden and Kai Lewis

Best In Float Category
First Place - Surfin USA
         Kai Rossetti, Alyssa Rossetti, Aidan Slocum and Moek Rossetti

Second Place - The 60's
        The Brenner Family
Third Place - Gold Rush, the 1850's
         Emma Milholland, Amelia Milholland and Sara Sanborn


Best In Judge's Choice Category
First Place- Cracker Jacks
         Iris, Gretchen, Kurt, Jeff, Masu and Erica Mikeska

Second Place - Higgins Hippies
        Grace Miller, Christine Miller, Gretchen Smith, Kenyon Smith and Dan Purdy

Third Place - Spirit Of '76
        Max, Skye and Robin Auger
        Jacqui and Kent Winship



Second Place  1950's Drive In
        Andrew Skillings
Third Place  
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Third Place  

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Third Place  

Judge's Choice

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Second Place  
Third Place  

Names and titles are taken from the parade registration forms.
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